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Posted on October 9, 2015

For a long time, my typical mode of work was one of two things:


This is my primary form of work with local businesses. IT work is a hands on thing. I need to be in office working with the companies modem, router, network setup, and computer environment.

This is also the way I prefer to work for smaller computer issues with individuals. If you're running into some strange anomaly when you're trying to browse the internet, send an email, or get your everyday work done, this is the way to go. I will sit down with you, let you show me, and get the issue fixed for you right then and there in most cases.

Pick Up and Delivery:

For crashed computers or PC's infected with viruses, malware, or PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) I will usually pick up the computer, do the repairs and servicing, and then bring the computer back to you.

Now I have a new way of helping you!

We are also able to help with computer problems now via remote desktop sharing. We researched and purchased what we believe to be the most effective software to be able to help our clients with remote issues. We can email you a link or have you enter a code and then we can remote into your computer, see what you're seeing, and resolve the issue. Then we end the session and you're back up and running!

This may work best for you if:

Remote Support
Computer Repair
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