How You Define Your Name

Posted on October 8, 2015

Skip ahead: Where did Pepsi get its name?

"Everything changed. Well, except one thing: The name."

When I started my business, there were a few things that I thought I needed to have.
Over the years everyone of these things have changed. My original pricing model was a list of services, all with different prices. I didn't know my own prices. I had to look at my website to know how much to charge someone. Often something fell into multiple categories and I had to try to decide which price was the right price to charge. Some people may prefer this type of pricing model, but I had the lean ability to change it.
My business cards - I still have business cards, but they're not the same as they were when I started. I took customer advice and made specific updates. Today, I'm ready to update and redesign again. 
The same happened with my website. I've reviewed, revised, and redesigned repeatedly. This is a great thing about websites - you can quickly adjust your message, your branding, your focus. 

"I could have picked something obvious, "Durant Computer Repair." That's great for Search Queries!"

Everything changed. Well, except one thing: The name.
Button 108.
Now, to be honest, I've considered changing it. At times I've wished I picked something less esoteric. I could have picked something obvious, "Durant Computer Repair." That's great for Search Queries! If you can name your business after the thing your customers are searching for, they'll search for that thing, not even realizing that they're searching for you. And that's great for both you and your customer.

What Does Pepsi Mean?

But let me ask you this, have you ever considered the name, "Pepsi"? What in the world is Pepsi? We all know what Pepsi is! It's Cola. It's the Coke for people who don't prefer Coca-Cola (I do). It's the Cola you get if you're at Taco Bell in Durant, not McDonalds.
They've defined what "Pepsi" means by what they've done and what they've made.
If you Google the meaning of it's name, you might see that Pepsi is short for Pepsin, an ingredient of Pepsi, but according to Pepsi's website, Pepsi - formerly known as "Brad's Drink" - actually got its name "dyspepsia", a word meaning "indigestion". Bradham believed that his Cola was healthy and could aid in digestion.
Since then, I think we've proven pretty well that "healthy" and "cola" don't go together too well, though it may help an upset stomach.
So now do they need to rename Pepsi? Well, to you, does Pepsi really mean "indigestion"? Does Pepsi mean "healthy"? No. Pepsi means delicious. Refreshing. Pepsi means, "Yes, I said Coke, Mr. Drive-Thru, but what I meant is give me whatever dark colored Cola you happen to have handy." 

"Button 108 means... help with any computer issues..."

So what does Button 108 mean? Button 108 means you don't have to have your own IT department. It means you can get help with any of your computer issues, great or small. Button 108 means virus removal. It means original website designs, cell phone apps, and custom applications for your business. It means relaxed and professional service at a great value. Button 108 means something a little different to each of you.
If Button 108 means nothing to you yet, let's define it together. It can mean the difference between putting up with a slow Ad-Ware ridden machine for the next year and smooth sailing on a clean up-to-date computer. Let's define it together with our experiences.

The Pepsi logo is trademarked and Reserved by Pepsi.
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